Back in Action…

The spread of the novel coronavirus since the beginning of the year 2020 has changed life throughout the world. While public life has been mostly shut down, both personal and work life are starting to take place more and more digitally .

It has been few years since I blogged on the work I have been doing and what better time than now to revive it .The contours of my professional life have changed , and in my current role as Sr. Cloud Solution Architect I get opportunity to work on wide range of technologies from IBM Cloud , Watson AI , IBM Cloud Paks to just about everything under the gamut of Big Blue IBM.

Typical day could start with Modernization discussion leveraging IBM Transformation Advisor , and then hop on analytics and AI on why our Cloud Pak for Data makes sense bringing the power of Virtualization etc and end the day with Edge Computing conversation with Edge Usecases where IBM is actively working on with the newly launched offering IBM Edge Application Manager .

So how do you sail through the storm , my mantra in life :

You should diversify your source of fulfillment and derive meaning from different areas, hobbies, interests, passions, and purposes.But it’s important that whatever you do, do the best you can. That’s the essence of being a passionate person”.

So when I am not glued to my laptop , there are plenty of things which I am passionate about and these passions help me in myriad different ways ..

  1. Books – The very specific ones which open the world of possibilities and transport one in different realms of spiritual world ( The likes of Autobiography of Yogi , Death – An Inside Story , Aghora: At the left hand of God , Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master: A Yogi’s Autobiography , Mystic Eye , Many Lives -Many masters etc etc ..
Takeaway Tip 1 : Read that what intrigues your mind and opens it to mesmerizing experiences.

2. Cooking is new hobby picked over last two years ( Strive to make every meal a “piece of art” – not just ignite the taste-buds but offer a visual delight for the optics as well . And hey who says Roti’s gotta be round – a “heart” can add some spice too 🙂

Takeaway Tip 2 : Use your passion and creative skills to bring to life even the mundane tasks and see the transformation it can bring !

3. Binge watching Netflix Money Heist currently to get my heart pumping and brain ticking – the drama, intensity, violence, wit, mystery element and the gripping story – A masterpiece of flawless planning !! And yes that’s me in my Red Suit , much before TOKYO came into existence !!

Take Away Tip 3 : The plan that is flawless in method –can turn flawed in practice – the key is to adapt along the way.

Now that I have your attention on what keeps me ticking in the Quarantine days locked up at home, my goal over the next couple of weeks is to pen down my work in Security field – infusing Security into DevOps world of cloud-native Containers – yes you got it right – DevSecOps is exactly what I shall be talking about….

Thought to Ponder : How Secure is your Container ???


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