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Full Stack Deployment using Urbancode – Part1

It’s been a while  since I  blogged , but a recent customer usecase for Full stack deployment , got me to have a look into IBM Urbancode Blueprint . This blog is  guide to help you to design and deploy  full-stack environment for multiple clouds. Teams often struggle to deploy applications in various environments – …

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Release Managment Woes ?

Release Management is the process of managing software releases from development stage to software release. Releases can be at different levels: enterprise, line-of-business, application . Release Managers need to bring together expertise from multiple application teams, testers and operations. They coordinate work across departments, often with inconsistent process flows through them. Let us look at …

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Deploying a .Net application to IIS using UrbanCode Deploy via msdeploy

I want to showcase a sample .Net application deployment using IBM UrbanCode Deploy . I  decided to pick Employee-Info-Starter-Kit . Employee Info Starter Kit is an open source ASP.NET project template and uses a single database table ‘Employee’ – This seemed like a  perfect example . In this blog entry , I would walk through …

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Part3: IBM UrbanCode Deploy & Oracle WebLogic Server Security Management

In Part1 and Part2 of this series we explored Oracle Application Deployment Server and Oracle Resource Management respectively, in this third blog we explore the plugin Oracle WebLogic Security Management. This plug-in provides steps to work with security configurations in WebLogic Server. You can perform the following tasks: Create Role Mapper Create or Update Authentication …

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Part2: IBM UrbanCode Deploy & Oracle WebLogic Server Resource Management

In Part1 I talked about Application Deployment Server plugin, now in here in Part 2 we discuss the usage of the next plugin Resource Management. This plug-in provides steps to support automated deployment of various WebLogic server resources. The plugin has various steps which are listed in this link My goal here is to be …

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Part1: IBM UrbanCode Deploy & Oracle WebLogic Application Deployment Server plugin

I have been thinking about writing on the usage of  IBM Urban Code Deploy Oracle WebLogic plugins for a while now , and finally it’s here this New Year ! Oracle WebLogic Server is application server for building and deploying enterprise Java EE applications. UrbanCode Deploy has couple of plugins to automated activities carried out …

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Deploying to Websphere Portal Server using IBM UrbanCode Deploy

IBM Urbancode Deploy has a WebSphere Portal Plugin which I wanted to evaluate .This plugin provides steps that enables you to automate deployment of artifacts and automate running commands . The various steps this plugin provides are as follows : * Deploy Portal WAR * Deploy ThemeExecute Config Engine command * Execute Config Engine command …

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Part2: Upgrading the IBM Urbancode Plugin with additional functionality

After the successful creation of IBM Urbancode Plugin to create database in Postgres in article Part1: Creating a simple IBM Urbancode Deploy Plugin “Postgres-Create Database”, I wanted to extend the functionality of this plugin to cater to additional commands in Postgres like Drop database Backup database Restore database Here is how this is achieved. Part …

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Part1: Creating a simple IBM Urbancode Deploy Plugin “Postgres-Create Database”

In this article I would like to share my experience of creating a Plugin in IBM Urbancode Deploy. The goal here was to create a simple plugin which would allow me to Create a Database in Postgres through IBM Urbancode Deploy. To get started: I picked  Eclipse as my IDE and I also downloaded Groovy …

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Security Model in IBM Urbancode Deploy

During one of my customer meetings , there were questions on the Security model in IBM UrbanCode (UCD)  , hence decided to document the  basic workflow around security . At a high level, the security system in UCD  consists of an authentication realm, authorization realm, roles, and teams. Authentication : This deals with user credentials …

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